How to set up your Akai MPK Mini MK2 pitch and mod Joystick to work in Reason 9 (with pics)

In this post I'm gonna show you how to set up your Akai MPK mini MK2's pitch and Modulation joystick to work how it supposed to in Reason 9.

For the sake of this tutorial we'll be editing [Hacking] "Program 1" in your MPK.

On a side note: If in the future you want to reset Program 1 for a different configuration or just want to get it back to where you started you can easily revert the changes by either opening the editor and pressing "send", copying the data from one of the other 3 programs or just updating the firmware.

Now that that's out of the way - on to the good stuff.

To get started you'll need the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII Editor installed on your computer.

If you don't have it installed already, here's the link to the download page on the Akai site.

Once the Editor is installed (and your Keyboard is connected) open the program.

(Close out Reason if its open)

From there you are going to need to get the Editor "ta…

The Ultimate Guide: Learn Reason's Thor Polysonic Synthesizer in 10 mins

Whats good y'all!

The other night I was flipping through YouTube, watching different videos (I watched so many I totally forgot what I was looking for initially) and found myself looking though the Reason tutorials on YouTube.

As you may or may not know (if you are a reason user) the tutorials by Propellerhead  (the company that makes the Reason DAW) are pretty informative. They are easy to follow, and the tutorials they have cover everything from the basics (eg: getting started, config, etc.) to the more advanced stuff (eg:tweaking parameters to customize your own patches).

If you are a Reason user you should mos def follow their channel.

Back on topic, while I was flipping through their tutorial videos I found a set of videos that go over  how to create custom 808 bass subs in Reason and even though I have my own "go to" 808's, I watched the video's because I feel like I can always learn something new...

Well, after watching the second video in the set I foun…

Mastered beats: Mastering beats can help you increase beat sales

"Should I Master my beats before selling them??"

Leasing Beats vs Buying Exclusive Beats - Which one is for me?

Should I Buy Exclusive Beats?
How about leasing beats?
Unlimited Licenses?
Which Beat license type is right for you?

What Format should I get when I buy Beats online?

"What format should I get when I buy Beats online?" is a popular question I get a lot from artists so I thought I'd drop a short post to help y'all out.

  Spending 2 minutes reading this will help you save time (and money) when you buy beats online so pull up a chair and lets begin.

  The most common file format terms (and types) you'll see when you buy beats online is:
MP3WAVSession files (or track outs) which typically come in WAV.

Let's break these down starting with the .WAV file type.
  The .WAV file type is the little brother of the PCM sound format.

PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) was developed back in the day to carry analog phone calls over digital phone lines.

  The .WAV file type is a must if you need a clear, uncompressed, version of the beat.

  Make sure you get the beat exported in at least 44.100 KHz | 24bit Stereo.

*16 and 32 bit formats are also available but 24 bit is ideal in most instances.

The downside to WAV files is that they are hu…

Top 5 Reasons Music Producers can't sell beats online

Do you ever wonder why it seems so hard to sell beats online?

 I mean, your beats are just as good as some of the hits on the radio, right?

Well, if you [like so many others] are having a hard time getting those elusive sales then you might wanna go over this list and rethink your approach.. You might be doing something wrong.

The list below may sting a bit but try to keep a constructive perspective on this while reading.

It may just help you make a sale.

Starting from the Bottom...    
5. Poor Marketing Skills
People who fall under this category approach the game backwards and will immediately have a hard time trying to sell beats online. Just as soon as they come in the front door they are pushed out the back.

They are the type to abuse social networks by spamming people with"check out my music" links and then wonder why no one wants to give them a listen. You may have came across this type before.. you may even be this type.... if this is you.... Shame on you…